DIGI-BREAKER PLUS is a cooperation partnership composed of 6 organizations from 5 countries (BE, BG, IT, LT, SWE) whose aim is to design comprehensive solutions for creating new career opportunities for unemployed adults, through a strategy that aims at widening the adoption of digital guidance services and increasing their establishment inside local communities, setting the conditions for developing a cascade effect in the involved countries and at European level.

DIGI-BREAKER PLUS will design, develop and test a sustainability-based digital skills framework (that will be exploited in form of e-book and MOOC for adult learners/employment counsellors) that will support the uptake of a digital, green, open and multi-channelling approach to career guidance, fostering the creation of a stronger dialogue between unemployed adults and career counsellors/adult educators and creating a general awareness of how digital sustainability could be embedded in the job search process.

The DIGI-BREAKER PLUS consortium is composed of a European alliance of Adult Education Centers with consistent expertise in the application of digital technologies within their daily practices. We are interested in favouring the exchange and sharing of their competencies and networks, with the objective of guaranteeing the widest impact and dissemination opportunities both at the national and European levels.