The project starts from an analysis carried out by the partnership on the effects of rural depopulation and new opportunities to address the problem. In fact, the partners have started from the needs of the communities to link together realities experiencing similar issues to cooperate and support each other.

We will look at the following main issues: how the phenomenon of depopulation in the EU is taking place and which are the historical and contemporary causes and main factors involved.  How to promote economic and social development in rural depopulated areas starting from best practices and responses in different EU countries as sustainable tourism, start-up business management, community building and coproduction through the revaluation of the local heritage, including the role of international migration. The project aims to explore the possibilities of rural development to tackle unemployment and depopulation. These possibilities may include sustainable tourism, practices of coproduction, and sustainable start-up among others. The best practices will be collected in a toolkit to create a tool for guidance for unemployed adults, entrepreneurs and workers employed in rural areas willing to start sustainable development activities. The objectives are to share best practices between organizations in Europe dealing with depopulation and rural development, to point out the main issues and topics arising from contexts of depopulation and their communities, to develop guidelines for local and educational authorities for the possible measures to prevent the phenomenon and its dynamics, to train key figures as well as unemployed adults, workers and members of rural depopulated communities, operators and entrepreneurs working already in those contexts, policy-makers in the field and members of local institutions, trainers and mentors in vocational guidance and employability) and stimulate them to develop and adopt new techniques concerning rural development, to promote multidisciplinary approaches in dealing with challenges.

Call 2019 KA2 Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices
KA204 Strategic Partnerships for adult education

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