Some artists find it hard to fit into this new digital environment and the most recent groundbreaking innovations are even harder to digest. In particular, innovations such as blockchain and associated digital products (cryptocurrencies) started to completely overturn the way many markets operate. Art is no exception. Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are blockchain-based digital objects which can be associated with art items to certify their uniqueness, therefore preventing multiple copies and increasing their value (for digital art) and accounting for authenticity (for physical art). The project aims at making these new exciting technologies fully available to artists in the field of comics. By helping artists in building up new skills, the project aims at increasing their competitiveness in an increasingly technological market where they risk exclusion and marginalization if they stick to traditional means of production and marketing. The project also meets New Technology priority, as made clear by the focus on NFTs which has recently turned the art market upside down and aims at contributing to the Sustainability priority as well, in that it wants to further the use of greener blockchain-related products, as compared to the current, energy-consuming ones.