One of the key priority of Europe 2020 Strategy is to raise “Europe’s employment rate – more and better jobs, especially for women, young people and older workers” so to achieve a benchmark of “75% employment rate for women and men aged 20-64 by 2020 – achieved by getting more people into work. One obstacle is represented by the gap between low-skilled and low-qualified adults from the labor market. The demand for digital technology professionals has grown by 4% annually in the last ten years. Yet digital skills are lacking in Europe at all levels. Within this context, though the project we will identify solutions to help adult students to be inserted in the labor market establishing effective links between adult schools and the world of work and entrepreneurship using social media and ICT.

The main aim is to promote the entrepreneurial spirit of adult learners using social media and ICT to create new e-enterprises ensuring increased opportunities for being incorporated in the labor market in an effective way. Through this project we want to impact 100 adult teachers, 30 enterprises and 400 adult students (50% with fewer opportunities)
We achieve our aim through the following activities:

  • 1″e-entrepreneurship” training package (video lessons)
  • Adult teachers, trainers test the training package to encourage young adults to create new e-enterprises
  • National training experience “how to become an e-entrepreneur”, using social media and ICT
  • International training experience on “Adopt an enterprise experience” exploiting social media and ICT.
  • Workshops about social media and ICT usage to create new e-enterprise in Europe.
  • International Conference about “International e-entrepreneurship” to promote the project results and activities

Key Action: Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices
Action Type: Strategic Partnerships for adult education
Topics: Enterprise, industry and SMEs (incl. entrepreneurship) ICT – new technologies – digital competences Inclusion – equity

Categories: Projects