The project responds to the need that VET schools have to provide their students with the chance to increase and improve the quality of vocational training, by taking internships in European companies, and getting in contact with the single European labour market.

The main OBJECTIVE of the project is to allow VET students to develop, through training practices in European companies, the skills and abilities to complete, in a practical way, the skills acquired in VET to be incorporated efficiently into the European labor market, either on account own or for others. To do this, VET students needs to develop specific tecnical skills on the specialty that they has studied, but transversal, social and intercultural skills will also be necessary to face new challenges and become active citizens with values for the future. 
The project will improve the opportunities for VET students to be actively incorporate national or European labor market, either on their own account or as an employee, in a more effective way. The collaboration between the participating organizations will allow promoting European cooperation and internationalization and it will make it possible to bring companies closer to VET schools and it will improve too the collaboration with other VET schools, public authotities, etc. It will give participating entities a vision about most demanded professional profiles and the skills that students must learn.

The project is directly linked to the 2020 strategy, the skills agenda and the European priorities to help the EU and its Member States generate a higher level of employment, productivity, social cohesion and development.

Programme: Erasmus+
Key Action: Learning Mobility of Individuals
Action Type: VET learner and staff mobility
Categories: Projects