Some artists find it hard to fit into this new digital environment and the most recent groundbreaking innovations are even harder to digest. In particular, innovations such as blockchain and associated digital products (cryptocurrencies) started to completely overturn the way many markets operate. Art is no exception. Non Fungible ...


Comusyc project will develop a comprehensive and cross-sectoral strategy that will increase the intercultural and transnational dialogue between young people, using creativity and art as fundamental tools for mediating and building bridges. A high number of reports and studies reveal how social marginalization continues to represent a widely diffused phenomenon ...

Rural Development for Employment

The project aims to deliver outputs related to social inclusion and integration through the re-evaluation of local and European cultural heritage and the local community building and co-production, sustainable development, and European sense of belonging. To fight isolation and social exclusion we will develop a program based on co-production and ...

EC launches a public consultation on a new Digital Education Action Plan!

The public consultation seeks to gather the views and experiences of all citizens, institutions and organisations from the public and private sectors on the unprecedented coronavirus crisis, the related switch to distance and online learning, and their vision for the future of digital education in Europe. The public consultation will be open ...


ACTIVET – ACcess To Inclusive Vocational and Educational Training environments As underlined by Cedefop (2019), in presence of a mismatch between the learners’ expectations and the reality of the profession, “work-based training can also be discouraging and lead to drop-out”. This situation could be comprehensibly more challenging for disabled individuals, that ...

Adult Education for Social Change

ADULATION – Adult Education for Social Change The European Commission perceives as a vital challenge the fact that the European citizens are disengaged and often apathetic and alienated from the traditional forms of politics (especially voting) or organisational membership. For the partners, civic engagement goes beyond traditional politics. We believe that ...

August 2022