Who We are

Since 2016 we are engaged in the field of learning development by providing non-formal and informal learning experiences at international level and training mobility opportunities for young people, adults and teachers.

Our focus is on investing on expertise, creativity and enthusiasm to shape a knowledge ecosystem, based on the development of skills and competences for the benefit of individuals, public institutions, civil society organisations and public society as a whole, finally contributing to growth and ensuring equity, prosperity and social inclusion in Europe and beyond.

For Alphabet Formation, the cooperation with other organisations and entities operating in the field of education, human rights and entrepreneurship is vital for a sustainable impact in the community. Our objectives are aligned with the values and development directions promoted by the European Union.

Our vision

10 years from now, ABF Formation will be among the best known organisations in Belgium and Europe connecting stakeholders involved in learning and mobility experiences in Europe

Our mission

We are connectors Alphabet Formation

With a professional team, we bring together private companies, public bodies, civil society organisations, VET and educational entities in Europe to provide mobility and employability opportunities for teachers and young people. Our projects and services are built at regional and international level with experienced partners.

We are value driven Alphabet Formation Mission

We are guided by the Belgian principles and regulations and we act in the interest of Europe to support the local communities. Intercultural competences and professional workforce are factors that ensure the success of our projects. The results of our work are transparent and available for the use of the community .

Alphabet Formation Mission change makers

We use our wide range of instruments and expertise to design projects and initiatives in areas such as entrepreneurship and development of soft, digital & ICT skills, vocational training, which are solutions to the needs of the local communities. In this way, we empower people to customize their development process.

Alphabet Formation mission socially responsible

Our actions are guided by the principles of social responsibility and sustainability, active citizenship so to allow future generations to live safely and with dignity. We advocate respect for human rights, equal opportunities and integrity and encourage cooperation between civil society, private sector and public entities.

What we do

The topics we cover through our projects are: mobility, entrepreneurship, employability, peace education, social inclusion, VET education, soft and digital skills management.

Management of mobility programs

Preparation and guidance of the participants through mobility process (before, during and after) for a successful professional and personal experience.

Soft and professional skills training

Workshops for teachers, youth workers and young professionals provided by international trainers to develop 21st century skills

Professional visits in companies

Visits for teachers, young people, and youth workers in relevant public bodies, companies and schools to exchange best practices, encourage creativity and dialogue.

Be involved!

Small changes can make a Big difference! Changes happen when people go through fear of failure and choose to act, get involved, and make their contribution by their own powers. If you aim for an updated educational system, young people prepared for the transition from the education to work, teachers with interactive learning curricula and to modern and inclusive society, based on strong values and skilled people, come and join us to work together.


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