Brussels Alphabet Formation

Brussels has been described as the “Capital of Europe” being a bold statement Brussels really does live up to that but not how you might think. You might be thinking that Brussels is modern and perhaps lacking soul but that is the complete opposite. The city has a brilliant personality, very much keeping in touch with its medieval history which has been tweaked very slightly to create a city full of wonderful character. There are so many reasons to visit Brussels with us and Brussels Airlines, and you’ll definitely be in for an adventure.
When traveling many like to be a tourist or try to be a local by seeing all the traditions and culture surrounding them. Brussels is very popular for having a variety of lively and interesting markets – you’ll definitely meet a lot of keen bargain-hunting locals here. One of the most liveliest and popular Brussels markets is the Clemenceau Market, you’ll hear many of the vendors yelling that they have the tastiest foods but it’s a lovely way of seeing what the locals get up to.

Here are our top 5 reasons to plan your trip to Brussels:
1. Brussels is the capital of Art Nouveau. Is the place where architects Victor Horta and Paul Hankar designed the first Art Nouveau buildings in the world: Hotel Tassel and the Maison Hankar. Horta Museum is a must-see place at your first visit in Brussels, and it would be great if you could add on the list of Art Nouveau buildings also Maison Cauchie and MIM. The Van Buuren Museum, the Flagey building and Villa Empaign are also vivid reminders.
2. Brussels is a very lively city. People of all ages and nationalities come together to enjoy its great outdoor festivals throughout the year. There are so many options, completed by amazing indoor festivals. Jazz Marathon, Eat! Brussels, Nuit Blanche, Royal Park Music Festival, Comic Strip Festival are just few of them that could convince you to book few days extra here.
3. The Grand Place is a masterpiece. Voted many times round as one of the most beautiful squares in Europe, it is definitely a reason to visit the EU capital. Surrounded by exquisite buildings, it’s listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and lined with restaurants and lively cafes. In August, the square is decorated with an impressive flower carpet, so if you happen to be in town during that period don’t miss it!
4. The Comics – Comics in Belgium are serious business. With hundreds of comic book authors and famous characters like Tintin and the Smurfs, the country has a rich tradition when it comes to the so-called “bandes dessinées”. Brussels hosts several shops specialized in comics and the Belgian Comic Strip Centre.
5. The Chocolate – If waffles did not seduce you yet, then we bet that Belgian chocolate will do the trick! Brussels will tempt you time and again with its chocolate shops, so this is the place to indulge. Browse the creations of famous chocolatiers like Laurent Gerbaud, Frederic Blondeel and Pierre Marcolini, and buy some for your loved ones. Your trip well definitely become a sweet experience!

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