Services Alphabet Formation

Preparation and guidance of the participants through mobility process (before, during and after) for a successful professional and personal experience.

We consider that the success of our mobility programs is connected with the quality of the project preparation. We carefully scan the mobility project to guarantee that it meets the guidelines of the programs. We have the know-how to manage an in-depth selection process for the host organization and company, taking into account the specificity of each program, the group size and the candidate profile. We are here to provide you practical solutions for food and lodging, transport, airport transfer, as well as language and cultural programs.

During the mobility, we are guiding the participants from the first day of their traineeship in companies We also support them in solving issues related to health, well-being and quality of services that may occur during their stay abroad. During the training period, we monitor the technical and personal development of the participants and we take care of the administrative management and financial conditions required by the mobility programs.

We offer our management services for the following phases of the project:
1. Preparation (preparatory training of participants, evaluation of group size, study of candidate profiles, coordination of the date and place of the mobility, budget management, collaboration agreement); 2. Selection of hosting companies from our network;
3. Arrangement of preparatory visits (project overview, role of participants, coordination timeline with company representatives, hosts and tutors; presentation of accommodation solutions; agenda of cultural and linguistic activities);
4. Organisation of activities and logistic solutions adapted to budget and expectations;
5. Logistics for transportation (airport transfer);
6. Language and cultural programs
7. Administrative and regulatory management (introducing tutor; learning agreement; quality commitment; periodical evaluations; budget management; preparation of administrative documents; review and final evaluation of the course.

Seminar services Alphabet Formation

Seminars for youngsters, entrepreneurs and teachers

These activities are dedicated to students, young entrepreneurs, adults, and school education staff. The seminars are organised locally and internationally by Alphabet Formation and aim to equip the participants with theoretical knowledge and hands-out tools and best practices. The topics of the seminars are selected with the support of our experts and collaborators and are connected to youth mobility, entrepreneurship, employability, peace education, social inclusion, VET education, soft and digital skills management. In all our seminars, we mix technology with non-formal education methods to deliver effective learning experiences.

Services Alphabet Formation

Training courses for teachers, youth workers and young professionals provided by international trainers to develop 21st century skills.

Based on the needs of our local community, we designed customized training courses supported by Erasmus+ Program to encourage the young professionals to develop a specific set of soft skills and digital competences useful to boost their careers. We also provide trainings for teachers to learn how to embed digital tools in their teaching activities.

Management Services Alphabet Formation

Visits for teachers, young people, and youth workers in relevant public bodies, companies and schools.

To exchange best practices, encourage creativity and dialogue, and ignite innovation in all the educational systems (formal, informal and non-formal), we create links between teachers, professionals from non-profit sector, students and successful companies, municipalities and public bodies.