Small steps Big changes

Small changes can make a Big difference! Changes happen when people go through fear of failure and choose to act, get involved, and make their contribution by their own powers. If you aim for an updated educational system, young people prepared for the transition from the education to work, teachers with interactive learning curricula and to modern and inclusive society, based on strong values ​​and skilled people, come and join us to work together

Partner Alphabet Formation
Partner Alphabet Formation

1. Young people of today will be the adults of tomorrow.
To develop their capabilities, they need guidance and meaningful training opportunities to discover their path in life;

2. Teaching is a work of heart.
Teachers can inspire and reach thousands of responsible citizens of the future. They need encouragement and the proper tools to see unlimited possibilities to deliver quality learning experiences to young people and adults.

3. Education is the key for a sustainable community.
We consider that the education is the way by which the local community can evolve and deliver appropriate solutions to social needs.

Be a volunteer Alphabet Formation

Whether you are a high school student, a student, a graduate, an employee, you can join our network and create together mobility opportunities that can support young people, teachers, entrepreneurs at the beginning of their journey, by offering hours of your time. It costs you nothing, but you get gratitude, learn things that will help you and make new friends.
If you want to join us, write us at and we’ll contact you when we start recruiting for a new series of volunteers. We are looking forward to meeting you!

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Sponsor Us Alphabet Formation

If you have your own company, you can support our education and mobility projects. Also, we are happy to create together new educational or entrepreneurial projects, contact us at and we’ll arrange a meeting. Our impact in the community is stronger with you by our side!

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Donate Alphabet Formation

In order to carry out our work, we also need financial support so that our projects have a significant impact. Any amount counts, so we encourage you to contribute with a donation! As a natural person, you can donate to support our educational and mobility projects in several ways, including online. Our beneficiaries thank you for your encouragement and investment in their personal and professional development!

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