Alphabet Formation, ABF, is a network of European organisations in the field of human capital development. This investment in knowledge, skills and competences will benefit individuals, institutions, organisations and society as a whole by contributing to growth and ensuring equity, prosperity and social inclusion in Europe and beyond.

ABF – Status

ABF is registered under Belgian law as a non-profit association (Association Sans But Lucratif – ASBL) and is registered with the number: 651796151. The Articles of the Association (also known as Statutes/bylaws) are the core governing document. The Ultimate authority of ABF vests in the General Assembly of the Members, with governance entrusted to an elected Governing Council, supported by a Management Committee

ABF – Transparency and the EU

The more open the process is, the easier it is to ensure balanced representation and avoid undue pressure and illegitimate or privileged access to information or to decision-makers. ABF is registered as an interest representative on the website of the European Commission. Identification number in the register: 348324921710-79

Participant Portal

The Commission has an online register of the organisations participating in the EU research and innovation or education, audiovisual and cultural programmes. ABF Participant Identification Code is 919892614

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