Radicalization and de-radicalization

Preventing and countering youth radicalization


radicalisation(safire-project-results.eu)The main aim of the training course is to address one of the most pressing concerns of European societies – the problem of youth radicalisation. The rise of radical terrorists and religious extremists leads to increased social tension between different groups within societies.



Hate crimes, radicalisation and Hate crimes, radicalisation and extremists’ recruitment leading towards terrorism have increased in numbers and severity throughout Europe and will continue to pose a major challenge for the future democratic societies.


Community and grass-root organisations, such as non-profit NGOs can play a major role in preventing polarisation and violence and intervening into emerging conflicts. Likewise, the Stockholm Programme emphasises:“Key to our success will be the degree to which non-governmental groups … across Europe play an active part”.

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This training offer aims to address youth radicalisation by offering training in radicalisation-prevention strategies and fostering cooperation between youth organisations and public authorities. The participants will be engaged in activities on youth inclusion, social cohesion intercultural dialogue integration and conflict management.


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